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In the Beginning...

I started in Ham (Amateur) Radio as a kid in high school. It has been a very satisfying hobby for me over the years. In this age of the Internet, with pretty reliable, nearly instant world-wide communication, talking to someone over a radio link that is either good, noisy, or maybe not there at all sounds a little lame. There is however, a thrill in communicating from your backyard to someone else's halfway around the world through the ether. Besides providing a "hobby" of casual communication, Ham Radio also serves the community during emergencies.

There are nearly unlimited ways to communicate via Ham Radio. They include: Voice, Morse Code, Radio Teletype (and other digital modes), Facsimile, and Television. Frequencies available range from the 1.8 MHz (upper end of the AM broadcast band) to nearly the range of light. Commercial and/or homebuilt equipment and antennas are used. Ham's even communicate via Moon Bounce and satellites.

If you're interested, here are a few links from me, radio call-sign W7TMT, to get you started.

American Radio Relay League - best source of general information on ham radio

Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service - The Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) is a team of unpaid communication professionals dedicated to assisting the City of Seattle with public safety and emergency communications in times of disaster and/or community need.

Western Washington DX Club - a great local radio club focuses on talking to "rare" or far-away stations.

The QRZ Home Page - ham radio call sign database

Solar Cycle 24 - Information on the solar cycles that fuel long distance high frequency communication.

Yankee Clipper Contest Club - an radio contesting group

KA9FOX Web Site - contesting and DX related information

Contesting On-line - pages focused on radio contesting

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